Terms and Conditions


Peer Professional pilot volunteer who went through specifically designed selection process, 28 hour long training program and is here to support their fellow pilots in time of need.
Support program manager Manager of theilot peer Support Program with master degree in psychology and extensive experience in aviation. His main goals are to support Peers, assure that the program is running smoothly and provides you with support needed.
Mental health professional Certified psychiatrist with experience in aviation who cooperates with pilot Peer Support Program. His main goals are to support Peers and Support Program Manager with his expertise in area of mental health and make final evaluations regarding possible threat to safety.
Organization Airline you are currently employed in or aviation academy you are currently studying in or working for.
  1. This is a peer support service provided by thoroughly trained volunteer pilots. Their main task is to provide you with peer support.
  2. You do understand and acknowledge that your application for support from this program is not an emergency. Please click here if it is an emergency.
  3. Your confidentiality is the most important for us and it will be protected with greatest care. *
  4. The Peer is here for you not to make decisions for you nor to provide you with life or work solutions or intervene on your behalf.
  5. Therefore, neither Peer nor Support Program Manager or Mental Health Professional will be held responsible for your decisions or actions you may take after being in contact with pilot Peer Support Program.
  6. Nevertheless what was said, we are here for you – ready to do everything we can and are capable of to help and support you in the challenging times of yours.
  7. You agree that pilot Peer Support Program would use your personal data as described in Privacy policy. You understand that this is mandatory for us to contact you and provide you with support.

* The only exception to this is if you tell us something that indicates rather clearly that either you or someone else is in imminent danger or that may cause danger to the public or air safety. In that case we are obliged to act on this information. This may include waiving your confidentiality, i.e.:

  1. your personal data (as described in our Privacy policy) might be shared with Mental Health Professional who is a part of pilot Peer Support Program to seek for his evaluation – expert opinion regarding possible threat to your, public or air safety: your name, information we received from you that raised concern;
  2. after conversation with you Mental Health Professional who is a part of pilot Peer Support Program will share his evaluation results with Support Program Manager (as described in our Privacy policy) if threat to your, public or air safety was identified;
  3. in exceptional cases when threat to you, public or air safety is suspected and/or confirmed by Support Program Manager and Mental Health Professional of the program and you refuse to take actions yourself to prevent it, information might be shared with your Organization representatives (as described in our Privacy policy). Your organization will make the decision if you should be suspended from flying for a particular period of time till you regain proper mental wellbeing;