Please note that not all helplines have English-speaking consultants. However, most of them might be able to accommodate your need to be assisted in English – please ask about it when you call.

Organization Service provided Contacts
Jaunimo linija (Jouth line) Free emotional support by telephone and internet for everyone. Around-the-clock service. Support provided by volunteers.
8 800 28888
Krizių įveikimo centras (Crisis Management Center) Emotional assistance for everyone.
The first consultation is free and does not require registration in advance. There are no age restrictions.
8 640 51555
Vyrų linija (Men’‎s line) Emotional support for men.
Assistance is provided by volunteers and mental health specialists.
8 670 00027
Nelik vienas (Don’‎t be alone) Emotional support for men provided by volunteers.
8 604 11119
Tėvų linija (Parent’‎s line) Free telephone counseling on parenting-related issues.
8 800 900 12
Artimiems (For relatives) Help for the relatives of those who have committed suicide.
Projektas „Tu – ne vienas!“ (You are not alone!) Professional psychological help for free.
VA Caritas (Caritas of the Vilnius Archdiocese) Free psychological help provided by a psychologist or/and a clergyman.
(8 5) 261 1014
8 650 85094
Iniciatyva „Tu esi“ (You are) Choose your topic of interest and/or problem and get directed to the respective helpline.
Vilties linija (Line of hope) Free around-the-clock emotional support for adults provided by volunteers and mental health specialists.
116 123
Pagalbos moterims linija (Helpline for women) Free support for women provided by volunteers and mental health specialists.
8 800 66366
Depresijos gydymo centras (Depression cure center) It is generally a paid service, with one consultant providing free help.
+370 682 51402
Organization Service provided Contacts
Samaritans Onlus Emotional support, in absolute confidentiality with the main goal of suicide prevention.
800 860022 (from a fixed-line)
06 77208977 (from a mobile)
Telefono Amico Telefono Amico Italia helps to overcome emotional tensions and to restore well-being in personal relationships.
02 2327 2327
Organization Service provided Service provided
El Teléfono de la Esperanza Promotion of the emotional health of people, especially those who are in crisis situations.
914 590 055
717 003 717
Organization Service provided Service provided
TelefonSeelsorge Service available to all problem areas and to all callers in their respective situations.
Muslimisches Seelsorge Telefon Support for people in every situation and emergency provided by volunteers.
030 443 509 821
Nummer gegen Kummer Help for children, young people and parents with small and large worries, problems and fears.
Help for children and young people:
Help for parents:
Schon mal an selbsthilfegruppen Self-help groups on all sorts and topics.
030 | 31 01 89 – 76/79/84
Organization Service provided Service provided
SOS – Amitié A listening service for those going through hard times.
09 72 39 40 50
For English speakers:
01 46 21 46 46
SOS Suicide Phoenix Suicide prevention for anyone in distress and help to find support and care.
0033 1 40 44 46 45
Suicide Ecoute Service dedicated entirely to suicide prevention.
01 45 39 40 00
Organization Service provided Service provided
National psychosocial support helpline Targeted to the psychological support of people that struggle with mental health difficulties exacerbated by the global pandemic of Covid -19. The helpline operates on a 24/7 basis. 10306
National psychosocial support helpline Support & counselling for any type of urgent emotional crisis operating on a 24/7 basis. 192
Center for Suicide Prevention, Klimaka Helpline for people who have attempted suicide, who have suicidal behavior and support for bereaved families.


The Depression helpline Trusted service for those going through a depression. 1034
Kethea helpline The helpline is aimed at pathological users of drugs, alcohol and the Internet, as well as their family and friends. 1145
Hellenic Red Cross individuals/families and urgent humanitarian assistance and psychological support to victims of trafficking. 210 3613574
International helplines across multiple countries
Organization Service provided Service provided
Child Helpline International A free and confidential service for children and young people for any type of issues. 116111
Bestfrienders Worldwide Volunteer service to prevent suicide and deal with other types of crises.
International Federation of Telephone Emergency Services Emotional support, immediately accessible to any person suffering from loneliness, in a state of psychological crisis, or contemplating suicide.