What is the connection with my airline?

Peer to peer support program is a confidential service managed and supported by an independent company BAA Training. While representing an independent structure, it is fully committed to Avion Express / KlasJet PSP Oversight Committee and aligned with EASA regulation. The PSP Oversight Committee chaired by the Head of Flight Ops meets quarterly to discuss the general service usage patterns. Please note that they never get access to or analyze individual cases.

Who is involved in the process of resolving my case?

The peer assigned to you will be your primary contact and the one to whom the personal data you provide will be available. Besides, BAA Training has appointed a professional with a Master’s degree in psychology and strong aviation field experience as a Program Manager – the peers’ supervisor. The Program Manager is accountable for training, supporting, consulting the peers, and controlling the process. Nobody else will have any access to your personal data and contact details.

However, in an extremely rare event, a mental health expert can be involved. It will only happen if you tell us anything that gives us an evident concern about your or anyone else’s safety. Just as in other healthcare settings, it would then be legally and morally binding for us to follow an established protocol and together decide on the most appropriate course of action. However, your peer will always work with you first to come up with a solution that would be mutually acceptable and guarantee a desirable outcome for all parties.

How do you ensure confidentiality?

We take your confidentiality very seriously. While the service is operationally accountable to Avion Express / KlasJet PSP Oversight Committee, individual users’ details are strictly confidential. They are protected to the same extent as medical records are. All electronic communication and records of your contact details and messages between you and your peer are securely stored within encrypted systems and are compliant with the Data Protection Act. No one except for your peer and the Program Manager can access them.

In exceptional circumstances and within the established procedure, the data can be shared with a supporting mental health examiner, as mentioned before. All volunteers sign a confidentiality agreement and have been extensively trained to respect, understand and protect your confidentiality.

Can I request to see the information you hold on me?

Yes, definitely. To do so, please contact us via this email address: [email protected]. You will be contacted by a responsible person who will familiarize you with the process by which we can verify your identity.

What if I bump into my peer in a different setting?

We aim to respect your privacy and boundaries. Therefore, your peer will greet and acknowledge you as a colleague would typically do – in a friendly and collegiate manner – and will not reference the fact that they are or have supported you via this service. We consider any other setting outside of this service framework to be inappropriate for discussing your issue as it does not secure the required level of confidentiality.

What connection do peers have with Flight Ops Duty Manager or others in the company?

particular person’s situation and will not provide any identifying details once talking about a situation in general. Nevertheless, they might call a manager for advice related to the company process or finding necessary resources.

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    Privacy policy and Terms and conditions

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